Nervous Dental Patients

Some people are so frightened of the dentist that they avoid dental treatment altogether but nowadays there are several ways to help allay anxiety.

Modern dentistry is very customer focused and as such, a range of sedation and relaxation techniques have been developed to help anxious patients overcome their fears.

What is sedation?

An effective way to treat the most nervous of patients is via intravenous sedation (injection). The drugs have a relaxing and calming effect but don’t prevent communication between dentist and patient so treatment can still be carried out easily. We have a specialist who comes to the practice to carry out sedation treatment.

We also offer inhalation or the happy air sedation as a treatment option to help patients cope better with dental treatments . It is shown to work extremely well for patients who gag during dental treatment.

The Wand Anaesthesia

Painfree Dental Injection

Wand STA - Single Tooth Anaesthesia System ®

Andover dental practice now offers The Wand STA local anaesthetic delivery system as an alternative to the traditional injection. The Dental Wand STA is extremely popular with needle phobic patients as well as patients who just prefer a more comfortable injection.

Is painless numbing up possible? Yes with the Wand STA it is.

The Wand STA was developed to replace the traditional syringe in dentistry. As much of a revolution as an evolution, this computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system is a logical progression from the syringe which has seen little change since its invention more than 150 years ago. When it comes to going to the dentist you might not look forward to that appointment. However The Wand makes the visit easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

If you have your own dentist or are just passing through Hampshire and would like an appointment with our hygienist we will be happy to see you.

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