New Dental Patients in Andover

We allocate a 30 minute appointment for a new dental patient consultation. Your dentist will have plenty of time for the dentist to thoroughly examine your mouth and discuss any problems or worries with you.

What will my dentist do?

Firstly, your dentist will ask you some questions including:

  • Why you’ve come in for a dental examination
  • Any problems you’ve noticed
  • Details regarding your general health and any medicines you might be taking
  • Your diet (as this affects dental health and general health)
  • How you clean your teeth
  • Tobacco and alcohol use (both can harm your mouth as well as your general health)
  • Your past dental treatments and experiences, and whether you are nervous of any aspects of dental treatment

When the dentist examines you they may:

  • Look at your face and neck to see if they are healthy
  • Feel under your jaw
  • Look at the inside of your mouth, including your tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and throat
  • Look at your teeth, drying them with air as they look
  • Use a blunt probe to check your gums
  • Your dentist will probably need to take x-rays to further check your teeth.
  • Your dentist may also go through any relevant tooth cleaning techniques with you such as brushing and flossing.

After examining your teeth your dentist will discuss any treatment needed, explaining any choices and the cost implications. You will be given a written estimate of any treatment costs.

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