Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Advanced therapy to restore the health of your teeth

Endodontics involves treating the tissues and dental pulp that surround the tooth roots. 

What is Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment can save the natural tooth from being permanently lost when the decay gets deep into the pulp where the blood vessels and nerves may already be affected.

This simple and pain-free treatment can save the tooth when all other treatment options are not successful.

What to expect from a root canal treatment


  • An X-ray will first be taken to determine the presence of infection as well as to view the shape of the root canals.
  • A local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure that the area around the tooth is numbed for the procedure. A rubber dam will be used to isolate the tooth to be treated from the surrounding teeth.
  • Next, the tooth will be drilled to gain access to the pulp and canals within. The decayed tissue and other infected parts of the tooth are then removed prior to cleaning the root canals.
  • The cleaned tooth will then be disinfected and sealed. If the infection is still present, the tooth may not be sealed yet while it is being treated. The root is filled with gutta-percha – a biocompatible material mixed with an adhesive so the canals can be sealed completely.
  • A temporary filling may be placed while the treated tooth undergoes the healing process, after which a permanent restoration such as a dental crown can be attached to restore the function and appearance of the treated tooth.